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New Edito : by @ellegramm

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Flowers,  blue sky, a ray of sunshine, and our Chic Alors jewelry ☀️

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New collection : L'odyssée

bijoux createurs paris chic alors - collection odyssee

We are proud to present our new creations to you.
Like an artisanal jewel, sculpted by hand, each piece that makes up our new collection has been modeled by designer Héloïse Mialhe.
The tool and the gesture gave birth to earrings, brooches and bracelets with lines that are both raw and delicate.

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Chic Alors ! We tell you all about us

Chic Alors ! We tell you all about us
Héloïse Mialhe

An independent designer, Chic Alors is curious, does as she pleases and likes to provoke astonishment!
Gifted with beautiful singularity, her style combines finely detailed patterns, clear lines, play on graphic volumes and subtle work on materials. As much drawings as sculptures, Chic Alors jewels bring together shapes and colours. They are like the woman who wears them: strong in character, bold and remarkable.
Because Chic Alors leaves nothing to chance, her jewellery is...

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French Savoir-faire

Born from the original designs of Héloïse Mialhe, Chic Alors jewellery combines brass gilded with fine gold and materials selected for their beauty and traceability. Because French design deserves French manufacture, they are made in Paris: jewellery with savoir-faire!

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Des bijoux en verre made in France !

Notre nouvelle collection Pop stories est arrivée. Nouveaux designs, matière inédite. Pour la saison automne-hiver 22 qui arrive nous avions envie d’explorer de nouvelles pistes créatives. Un...

Rencontre avec le duo We are M/B

Nous avons confié la direction artistique de notre nouvel Edito La Grande Belleza à l’agence graphique We are M/B. Une table de fête et des bijoux Chic Alors, sous le signe de...



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