Chic Alors !

Secure Payment

For the security of your payments, Chic Alors uses PayPlug and PayPal.
Two autonomous bank card payment solutions.
These simple and secure online payment systems allow you to pay for your orders
by card or through a PayPal account, if you have one.
The transactions are carried out directly on the secure servers of PayPlug and PayPal.
All payment information is transmitted encrypted to protect your card information.

You can therefore pay for your purchases via VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD type of cards.

Payment process

At the stage n°4 of your order,
choose your payment method : CARD or PayPal.


To pay by card

– a payment window opens on the secure PayPlug server
The small padlock indicates that the site is secure.
– fill in the information requested

Once you have completed and verified all of your information,
you may then submit your payment by clicking on the button -PAY-

The secure PayPlug server requests payment authorization from your bank.

You are informed of the answer the same time as Chic Alors,
and if it is positive, the transaction is automatically confirmed.


Once your payment is validated, you will receive

– a confirmation of payment from PayPlug
– as well as a confirmation of payment from Chic Alors

The preparation of your order may now begin at the office of Chic Alors !


If you do not receive the confirmation of Payment

it’s because your payment is not confirmed or didn’t work.
In that case, your account will not be debited.
You may start over your payment with PayPlug or choose another payment method.


If you do not receive the confirmation from Chic Alors!

but you have received a confirmation email from PayPlug,
first of all verify in your spam in order to make sure that the confirmation of order isn’t there.
Otherwise, contact us.


Security of transactions

– PayPlug allows you to pay without disclosing your financial information to a third party.

– Above the amount of 300 EUR, for the security of your payments, a security code will be requested.

– PayPlug automatically encrypts your confidential data using the best technologies available on the market (SSL remote payment system- Secure Sockets Layer).

– PayPlug ensures the confidentiality of your financial information while guaranteeing you 100% protection against unauthorized payments made from your account.

– Chic Alors has no access to your banking data.


You wish to pay with you PayPal account

Enter your account and contact details,
or create a new account and follow the instructions requested by PayPal

Any questions ?

For any questions or in the event of malfunction,
do not hesitate to contact our customer service:

by phone: 0033 6 62 24 50 40 from Monday to Friday, 9h00-17h00
or by email: