Chic Alors !

Long live your jewellery

A few good tips for a long life

sweet care ... and good tips

Chic Alors gives you its tips
so that love between you and your jewel may be everlasting!


We never let a chance to take a dip go to waste. But our jewels are not sea-worthy: don’t forget to take them off before diving!

Showers and baths, seawater or the chlorinated water in swimming pools may alter the gilding of your jewellery and tarnish its enamel.

We love our powders, make-up and cologne. But what’s best is not putting anything between our skin and our jewels!

Cosmetics, perfume and make-up may alter the gilding of your jewellery and tarnish its enamel.


We cultivate gentleness: when it comes to cleaning, nothing is better than a soft cloth to restore beauty!

To preserve the shine of your jewellery, wipe it regularly with a soft and dry cloth.

We love it when a good deal is in the bag. Ou jewellery too!

Always neatly stored, each in its own little pouch!


We sleep alone or with someone, but never with our jewellery!

If you sleep with your jewellery, you may break it. It is better to store it in its cotton pouch before slipping in between the sheets.

We love sports, but our jewellery awaits us in the locker!

To keep them intact, protect your jewels from shocks and perspiration.