Chic Alors !

Chic and Alors

Chic ,

isn't the type to do things halfway

For her, fashion must be the mirror of art. That's why she leaves nothing to chance

She's ambitious and surprising.

Like the city in which she lives, she enjoys angles, folds, slices.

She likes ambiguity and double meanings. She builds her art collection by exploring Parisian galleries.

Although she's always running, she never lets herself get left behind

and always makes sure to stay one step ahead.


has always played with trends and loves to make crazy associations.

Indecisive, she has has suitcases filled with useless things that she compulsively collects.

On Sundays, she roams the flea markets in search of rare gems.

She is curious, tries everything and never says no.

She has a sense of humour and likes to make people smile. The weird amuses her.

She is never afraid to overdo things.  She always speaks up her mind.