Chic Alors !


Designer Jewellery

Each piece of Chic Alors jewellery is the result of an original design by Héloïse Mialhe, nourished by beautiful encounters, happy coincidences and multiple influences.
Playing with patterns, the jewel is born from meticulous drawings revealing engravings, textures and fine cuts. Playing with lines, the jewel is constructed like a sculpture, through direct work on volumes and materials.
The search for perfection then continues with the eye, until the balance of lines and curves is achieved.

At Chic Alors, we never forget that a beautiful piece of jewellery is a beautiful design, but above all a beautiful accessory to wear!

French design deserves French manufacturing

Because ‘Made in France’ is not just a trend, but an obvious choice, we at Chic Alors have been working with French actors in the jewellery industry since the beginning.
All of our jewellery is made and assembled in Paris, in a clean workshop that respects ecological standards.
Because quality is our priority, Chic Alors jewellery is nickel-free.

Jewellery with know-how

Jewellery with know-how

24-carat fine gold plating, enameling of the coloured pieces, welding and final assembly are technical and manual processes that give the jewel its character while guaranteeing its quality.
Once gilded, each piece is protected by a thin coat of varnish that ensures its shine and longevity.
For optimal confort, the rods of our earrings are made of gold gilded silver.

Beautiful materials

Beautiful materials

Chic Alors also ensures the traceability of the materials used and the working conditions of the manufacturers. We are committed to offering you the best!

We select raw materials of French and European origin:
poplar wood worked in Lozère (the homeland of the Chic Alors creator), polished stone or rope woven in the Loire region, chains made in Germany. high-end resins from Jura and Italy…

Concerning our packaging:
The boxes are folded, cut and glued together by Antoine and Alexandre, in the Charonne street in Paris.
The cotton pouches are sawn and printed by Paolo, in Lombardie, Italy.

A real small manufacturing network, made in France and made in Europe, which we have faithfully and patiently woven together for over ten years.

Ethics, design and the savoir-faire combine to adorn you with the most beautiful jewel!