Chic Alors !


Date of Birth

Place of Birth

2009 Paris, France


Héloïse Mialhe, graduate of the École Estienne (School of Arts and Printing Industry) and of the Duperré School of Applied Arts, dedicated to fashion.

Godmother and Godfather

Agnès b. and her manufacturer: two beautiful encounters that will launch the Chic Alors adventure.


A fiercely independent creator!


Author of beautiful wearable designs
Inventor of shapes
Revealer of femininity
Jeweller of your heart!


Lovechild of graphic design and fashion
Draws its inspiration from a blend of Art Déco, ethnic designs, architecture, rock culture, industry, nature...

Distinctive features

Cultivates fantasy/ ingenuity
Doesn't take itself too seriously
Stands out in every way


Tiny but tough!
On the daily basis, two girls - a duo: 
creator Héloïse and her right arm Élodie

Chic and Chock allies:
•  The Céline’s : one for numbers and one for letters
•  At the workshop, Philippe and his accomplices with golden hands
•  Ghislain, the eye in the viewfinder of his Reflex camera
•  Lamia and her brushes to enhance the photoshoots
•  The super graphics of Superscript²

A happy troop!

L’oeil photographique de Juliette Lambard

Ce mois-ci, nous avions envie de vous offrir un nouveau regard sur nos bijoux Chic Alors. Nous avons laissé carte blanche à la photographe parisienne Juliette Lambard , pour qu’elle nous...

Notre petite musique …

Le Journal … … de notre site Chic Alors est nouvel espace vierge pour partager avec vous. Un endroit, un peu à part, ou nous souhaitons échanger et nous exprimer de façon plus...